Today we’re talking about how to restore collagen in the face and get healthier, younger looking skin.

Do you have one of those friends who has amazing looking skin, like she never seems to age?

There’s a secret to this and today we’re gonna learn about that.

how to restore collagen in the face

I want you to start out by touching your skin. Touch those skin cells right there on the top surface of your face.

When you look under a microscope those are actually dead skin cells and they were made about two to three months ago.

The look and health of your skin is really dependent on the health of your body two to three months ago.

When we look at what healthy-looking skin really begins with, it actually is backwards in time – three months to the look of your fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are the unique cells throughout our body that make collagen.

If you know the word collagen, you probably care about your skin.

The biggest advertiser for the word collagen has everything to do about your skin. If you have a cream that says it’s gonna make your skin look more youthful, it’s probably got some collagen in it. Something that you’ll rub on your face and it’s gonna make you look more youthful.

If you have a supplement that has collagen in it, you’re probably taking it for your skin.

What Fibroblasts and Fibrocytes Have to Do With Collagen?


Did you know collagen is all throughout your body?

It is the architect throughout your system that gives our body shape.

Collagen is that tissue that provides the framework or the latticework for how your bones are shaped, how your skin is shaped, how your eyes and ears and nose are shaped.

All of these structures have one thing in common and that is they began with lots of fibroblasts that secrete collagen and that collagen turns into the shape of our bodies.

The health of your fibroblasts is in many ways related to your age.

If you’re young and your body is still in a growth spurt, you’re in your teenage years, the fibroblasts are working overtime. The most they’ll work in your whole life is during those years of growth.

But after you’re done growing, the body produces less and less of that collagen and those cells that make them, the fibroblast, they don’t work as much and many of them go into a dormant or hibernating state.

These cells are called fibrocytes.


A fibroblast inside your body may last two to three months, maybe up to six months, if you’re asking a lot from it. But a fibrocyte will go into hibernation for sometimes many years.

If you want more youthful looking skin, which is what most people pay attention to, I’m gonna teach you the secrets about that in this article.

Let’s start with fibroblasts.

Types of Collagen

Collagen comes in many different types but I’m gonna mention the five most common.


The most common is the one found in your skin, tendons, blood vessels, organs and even your bones. That is type one.

The other four most common types are those found in your cartilage, the base of your skin or the cells surfaces, also those found in your hair.

After type one, the other types are much smaller, but type 2 is the collagen found in your cartilage, like that in your ear or your nose, in your reticular fibers that hold your skin to your body. The base of your skin also has a very unique type. Every one of your cells have collagen to help form its shape.

All of those facts about the different places you find fibroblasts, which make collagen, are very interesting to me but most people don’t care. They care about collagen because of their skin.

So let’s get to it.

How to Increase Collagen in Skin

What makes a more youthful looking skin?

Ketogenic Diet


It provides a rich well nourished high-fat diet that lowers inflammation. If you want to see the perfect cells that make the perfect skin, it starts with the lack of inflammation.

Removing inflammation from your body starts with a chemistry shift. That means lower blood sugars, lower inflammation, and you find that when you do a ketogenic diet.

The first thing I see happen with skin, relative to a ketogenic diet, is your pimples fade. Pimples are a product of a high inflammatory state.

The inflammation makes a perfect growing environment for those little bacteria within the skin and then the inflammation with that infection turns into a pocket full of yuck.

Make those pimples again and again and you find lots of little scars in the skin and those imperfections add up to skin that doesn’t look as youthful or as healthy.

With a shift of a ketogenic diet, 90 days in a row of producing ketones and the lack of pimples shows up at any age.

Moisturizing creams use their advertising to promote a decreased inflammation inside those skin cells but really it’s a topical treatment that can only penetrate so deeply into those dead skin cells.

When you start at the bottom of the skin layer, it may take two to three months to see the best results but they’re sustainable and they happen because those cells are being produced with low amounts of inflammation.

The second amazing thing that happens, but it’s all on a microscopic level, is when we look carefully at your skin cells or the other cells of your body, every cell within our body is made up of a whole bunch of fat.

Those fat components need to be in hearty supply in order to make a perfect cell membrane. Perfect cell membranes fit together tightly and they adapt and are flexible as you age.

If you’ve got defects in your skin cells, those defects turn into bigger and bigger flaws and those are wrinkles. Because the skin cells aren’t fitting together as tightly, cells with flaws make cells with flaws.

That problem grows as you age.

This is why those little lines in your eyes start out as tiny little crow lines in your 30s but by the time you’re in your 40s, they’re much deeper and much more prominent.

You want to reverse that? Increase the production of your collagen.

How do you do that?

That leads us to step two.

Take Collagen Supplements

Collagen Supplements

Micronized collagen particles actually increase the supply of collagen within your body.

Unlike a cream where you can apply that to your face and it will affect your skin for several hours, the collagen production affects your skin for months.

So how do we get those cells to not act like they’re 30 years old but go back and act like they’re 15?

We use a trick called hydrolyzed collagen particles.

These are collagen parts from a cow or a chicken or even fish and they’re hydrolyzed, meaning they’re put into really small snippets.

The supplements taken and that powder particle ends up in your circulation within about an hour. Those little circulating particles, those circulating flecks of collagen, are naturally seen when you break down collagen within your system.

This usually happens at a very slow level. Those tiny little snippets tell your cells called the fibroblasts to make some more collagen.

Usually they have a tiny little whisper coming from the body to make collagen, but with these supplements you get an increased volume of collagen production because of those particles.

In fact, these particles will awaken those cells that are dormant, called fibrocytes. They are sleeping fibroblasts.

They’re the same cell they’re just in different states.

When there’s no need for them to be around, they went into hibernation.

Now that there’s many of these particles floating around the system, they wake up and they turn on the production of collagen.

Not only does this improve the skin collagen, but it also works for your bones, your eyes, your ears, your joints.

Supplement with these hydrolyzed collagen particles and it is incredible what your skin will do over the next 90 days.

Again touch those skin cells, those were the cells made 3 months ago. Supplementing with these collagen particles up to 3 times a day, really ramps up the production of collagen.

Don’t take my word for it.

Take a picture when you begin taking the supplement. Take it up close to some of the wrinkles you care about the most.

Take it again at 60 days, 90 days and 120 days. It is incredible how much those will reverse when collagen production is increased.

Skin cells are manipulatable.

You need a diet that’s low in inflammation. I recommend a ketogenic diet.

Supplementing with hydrolyzed collagen particles actually works. The studies are there to prove it.

But don’t take their word for it. Take a picture and see what happens over the next three months.

Anti Aging Collagen Drink

Anti Aging Collagen Drink

I want to share with you the easiest and simplest way for rebuilding collagen naturally.

As we age, we lose our collagen. It begins to diminish. In fact, after the age of 20, you begin to lose about 1% a year of your collagen and it starts to rebuild up slower too.

You want to make sure that you have enough collagen protein in your body so that when your body needs it, it’s readily available for it.

Collagen is what’s responsible for younger looking skin. It’s responsible for preventing wrinkles, for keeping that elasticity in your skin and keeping that plump and youthful look.

It’s also responsible for keeping your hair nice and strong, for growing your hair, for growing your nails and keeping them from being brittle.

It also has other helpful benefits for your joints and ligaments. It’s good for dealing with arthritis pain.

A very simple way for rebuilding collagen naturally is adding gelatin to your diet every day.

Gelatin contains collagen and gelatin will help you increase the collagen in your body.

It is a time-tested food.

We all know Jell-o. It contains gelatin and a lot of sugar but today I’m going to share with you how you can have it without all that sugar.

Here’s what I do.

I basically use the Knox Gelatin, unflavored.


I don’t use Jell-o because I don’t want to have so much sugar.

This gelatin comes from animal collagen and has no flavor, no sugar, no artificial flavors or colors.

It contains prolene amino acid that helps strengthen and renew aging skin cells to promote firmer, glowing skin.

It’s very easy to add it to any type of hot liquid.

First pour a quarter of a cup of any cold beverage or liquid into a cup. I’m using unsweetened cranberry juice.

Next you want to sprinkle up to one packet of the Knox Gelatin powder into your cold beverage and just let it stand. It needs to sit for about one minute to soften and separate.

This step is important because it will help prevent the gelatin from clumping when you add the hot liquid to it.

In the meantime, we have boiled the remaining liquid and now it’s time to add it to our softened gelatin.

Now you need to stir it with a spoon constantly until all the gelatin granules are completely dissolved and that takes about one to two minutes, depending on how much liquid you have and then it’s time to enjoy your delicious nutritious anti aging drink.

Adding gelatin to a beverage that contains vitamin C will enhance the collagen synthesis in your body.

I recommend that you start slow with it to give your body a chance to adjust because it is a fibrous protein.

I started out by using only a half a packet of gelatin every other day for a few weeks and now I’m using it every day and I’m alternating between using it before breakfast or at that time.

See what works best for you.

Your gelatin drink should be consumed at least a half an hour before eating or two hours after a meal. This way it goes right into your small intestine and it breaks up and it goes right into your body where the collagen is needed. It doesn’t mix up with your food in your stomach where acids tend to break it all down and it’s not as efficient.

Bedtime is an excellent time to have your gelatin because your body can utilize the collagen to repair and renew while you sleep.

You should be able to see or feel results in one to three months, depending on what you’re taking it for. If you’re taking it for your hair, skin and nails or if you’re taking it for your gut or for your arthritis.

I was pretty impressed because I notice smoother and more hydrated skin within just two weeks.

Here are some other ways that you can incorporate having more gelatin in your diet if you would like to.

You can use your unsweetened juice and make a dessert out of it.

You can also add it to warm soups and bone broth and stews and even a delicious smoothie.

There were studies done that show that in fact collagen does have a very beneficial effect on the skin. It shows increased moisture in the skin, it showed diminishing of wrinkles and smoother, plumper skin, better nails.

So it does work.

increase collagen in face

Warning About Collagen Supplements

When you supplement, it’s a bit easier to get more than your body really needs and can utilize and this can cause side effects.

The side effects of too much collagen by taking supplements are:

– Hypercalcemia – a buildup of calcium in the blood and if you’re somebody who has a kidney disorder or you tend to get kidney stones, then it’s not something that you want to happen, you don’t want to build up of calcium in your body.

– Joint pain – too much calcium also can cause the joint pain as it deposits in the joints.

– Constipation

– Bloating

– Upset stomach

– Fatigue

– Abnormal heart rhythms

– Extreme hypersensitivity to allergens or to the supplements themselves because after all it is an animal protein not a human protein.

– Itchy skin

This applies to any type of collagen supplementation. Just remember that it’s never good to overdo anything, even if it’s good for you because you may experience unwanted side effects.

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