Today I’m gonna share with you how I make my own facial oils. This is something I’ve been doing for years and I’m so obsessed with doing it.

I mix together different essential oils wherever my skin is needing. I just make my own little concoction and it’s so fun because these really work.


They benefit my skin and ever since I started using facial oils and essential oils on my skin, I just see a big difference with my skin.

My skin loves essential oils!

Introduction to Essential Oils For Anti Aging

I’m gonna share with you some of my favorite mixing oils and I’m going to share with you some of my favorite essential oils.

I’m going to show you exactly the amounts that I use. I’m going to talk about my favorite anti aging / anti-inflammatory oils.

So what I’m going to mix together it’s going to be beneficial for both anti-aging and if you have rosacea or acne, this is gonna be really good and calming and just knock out inflammation in your skin at the same time.

I do want to say that some people’s skin can be sensitive to essential oils.

There’s so much controversy and so much misinformation out there about essential oils. There’s people out there that say they’re so horrible for your skin and then there’s other people that say they absolutely swear by them.

I personally do see a difference when I use them on my skin. I think they are absolutely amazing if they are used correctly.

If you are putting essential oils directly on your skin, certain ones can be way too potent and the thing with essential oils is they are very potent and they actually can penetrate the skin very easily.

You don’t want to overdo it with the amount and certain ones can’t be used on the skin directly.

It’s always good to research and learn which ones can do what and just how to put them on your skin properly.

I know a lot of people who use essential oils in their skin and their skin care and just absolutely find them to be miraculous.

Mixing Oils

I’m gonna start out sharing with you some of my favorites mixing oils. I don’t use these all together. I’m just going to briefly talk about each of the oils that I use and that I can mix with my essential oils.

Emu Oil


The first one is the emu oil. I am so in love with emu oil. It’s just so amazing for your skin. Emu oil is loaded with essential fatty acids and omega 3s that your skin absolutely needs. This also knocks out inflammation in your skin so insanely well.

The emu oil is very easily absorbed through the skin. Because it is made up of loads of essential fatty acids and omega 3s, omega 6s, omega 9s, all the fatty lipids in the emu oil are actually very similar to the fatty lipids that are found throughout our skin.

That is why this oil can actually break through and penetrate into the skin so deeply and so well because the composition of the oil is very similar to our own. Our skin recognizes them and then really draws them in.

Emu oil is super anti-inflammatory, it can actually reduce swelling in the skin and it creates a healthy skin barrier.

If you are suffering from a compromised skin barrier, if you are suffering from dry irritated, just sensitive skin, emu oil is just such a lifesaver.

It just draws right into your skin and knocks out that inflammation. This soothes the skin so much and really puts back in those healthy fatty acids and essential nutrients that your skin needs.

It just leaves your skin feeling incredible.

This is an oil I always keep on hand. I use this even alone on nights when I just want to quickly throw on an oil. I choose this one all the time and I wake up with amazing feeling skin.

This is one that I definitely always mix in with all of my little oil concoctions.

Jojoba Oil


I really love this oil. This oil is just such a super lightweight oil. It sinks into the skin a very nice.

This oil can actually mimic your skin’s natural sebum, so it controls the oil production in your skin. Even if you have a very oily skin, this is the facial oil that you should absolutely be using and a lot of times people think that with oily skin they cannot use facial oils.

That’s absolutely wrong because a lot of them, like this one, will actually trick your skin into producing less oil because you are giving it the actual oil that it already needs, that it feels like it already has naturally. This is a good way to actually lessen the oil production of oily skin.

Grapeseed Oil


This is another one that I absolutely cannot live without. This is another oil that is very anti-aging, very anti-inflammatory.

If you have rosacea and you apply grapeseed oil to your skin, you wake up with your skin soothe, the redness is gone.

It’s just super anti-inflammatory and super calming to the skin, which is just absolutely amazing.

It also is been proven to help with lines and wrinkles and collagen production in your skin.

Tamanu Oil


This oil is super anti-aging and also a super anti-inflammatory. It’s also really good if you have acne prone skin because it has antibiotic properties. It’s also antimicrobial and it also has loads of antioxidants.

Tamanu oil has also been proven to help to regenerate skin tissue. If you have scars, if you have broken down skin, broken down skin barrier, if you have acne damage to your skin, this is gonna be really beneficial for your skin.

Indie Lee Squalane Oil


This is the last one I keep on hand.

I love the ingredients squalane because it is so deeply hydrating to the skin.

I find this serum alone to be boring. Squalane by itself just doesn’t do a whole lot for me personally. I’d rather take some of this oil and then mix it in with my facial oils.

I do keep this on hand and I do put this in if I want a more hydrating, more moisturizing facial oil, where I want to deeply hydrate my skin. This is very watery and thin. I will just mix this in with some of my oils and then get that squalene ingredient in there as well.

Essential Oils For Anti-aging

Let’s go over my absolute favorite essential oils for using on my skin.

These are anti-aging, these are great if you have inflammation to your skin, rosacea, acne issues, any of that.

Lavander Oil


This is my absolute favorite because I feel honestly no one should be without this. It’s so good.

The lavender oil is one of my most miraculous essential oils. I feel it does so much for my skin.

In fact I actually have a little rollerball lavender essential oil that I use if I have a breakout or I just have a huge pimple on the top of my forehead. I would just rub this on it directly at night.

If you do not have any sensitivities to essential oils, lavender oil is one that you can actually put directly on your skin.

Don’t overdo it, just once a day. I would just roll this on with pure lavender oil and it knocks out the redness, it knocks out the inflammation and that big pimple I had, faded so much quicker.

It’s soothing, it’s calming and it really knocks out inflammation.

Like I said, this is just one that I have fallen hard for because I see such a difference and just such
benefits when I use this.

Tea Tree Oil


Must-have especially if you have oily acne prone skin.

I’m sure so many of you have heard about the benefits of tea tree oil. It is amazing for acne and blemishes in general.

It is super antibacterial, it really knocks out the bacteria in your skin and at the same time it actually assist in the healing process of your skin.

Frankincense Oil


This is one of my absolute favorites for anti-aging. It has been proven to help with lines and wrinkles.

It also has been proven to help with fading sun damage or sun spots on the skin. It helps to promote an even skin tone, it has also been proven to help with blemishes and acne. It also has been proven to help really keep the pores nice and clean.

Frankincense has the ability to help promote elasticity in our skin so it’s going to help to keep our skin firm.

It helps to heal wounds, it helps with stretch marks.

This little oil is just one that I will absolutely always use for anti aging.

Geranium Oil


This one is amazing if you have rosacea. It is super anti-inflammatory, it has great antibacterial properties as well.

It’s also antimicrobial, it’s also antifungal. It is also going to really help to reduce the redness and inflammation in your skin. It also helps to control the oil production in your skin.

People with rosacea typically have either super dry skin or super oily skin so this is one that’s going to really help to balance those people out.

Sandalwood Oil


This is one that I actually really love.

That’s really good for rosacea and anti aging at the same time. Sandalwood is very hydrating and moisturizing to your skin.

If you do have drier skin types, this one is going to be really good for you, but it’s also a really good oil if you have rosacea too because it’s anti-inflammatory at the same time.

Chamomile Oil


Last but not least we have this aroma chamomile.

Again super amazing if you have rosacea prone skin, it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory essential oil that’s gonna really help to knock out the inflammation and redness in your skin.

It’s also very soothing and very calming to your skin as well so really good for those rosacea people out there.

This is just one that I always keep in hand.

Those are my basic essential oils that I always mix and use.

How Do I Make My Oils


Let’s get into the part where I’m going to share with you exactly how I’m going to make one of my oils.

I got my little empty dropper and let’s just start playing a little scientist here and have some fun.

Let’s get into the whole mixing portion of the oils, how much do you mix, what’s the percentage of dilation that you want to use with essential oils, etc.

Basically what most people use is a 5 percent dilution of essential oils. If you do have more sensitive skin you can take that down even further and some people prefer two and a half percent dilution.

I usually do somewhere in between the two and a half to five percent with the amount of drops of essential oil to my carrier oils.

If you want to do a 5 percent dilution of your essential oils that’s going to be 30 drops to every 30 ml of oil.

If I have a one ounce 30 ml bottle, I could fill this up with my oil and i technically could apply 30 different drops of essential oil to that and that’s going to give me my 5 percent dilution.

If you want to do the two and a half percent dilution, I could take my 1 ounce bottle again, one ounce is 30ml, cut that in half and I could use 15 drops of essential oils.

I usually do in between the 15 drops to the 30 drops, so I’m usually around the 20 drop mark whenever using a 30 ml bottle.

Let’s get to mixing.

I’m going to do an anti-aging / anti-inflammatory mix. A little bit of everything because I want it all.

First and foremost I’m gonna take my emu oil because like I said that is one that I always mix in and I always have on hand.

I’m gonna put a generous portion of that emu oil, about 1/3 of 30ml bottle.

I’m gonna mix two more oils in it.

I’m gonna take another third and put it in my grapeseed oil. I love mixing grapeseed with emu oil and I’m also gonna take my Tamanu oil and I’m pretty much gonna fill that up for the last third.

I’m gonna shake this up.

Next I’m gonna take my lavender essential oil first because I always apply my lavender oil and if I’m going to use 20 drops of oils, I’m probably gonna make this seven of lavander.

Next I’m gonna do seven of the Frankincense as well.

I’m going to take three drops of tea tree oil next. And then I’m gonna take the last four drops of geranium because geranium is anti-aging and a super anti-inflammatory.

So it’s gonna be a total 21 drops to a 30ml.

I put the cap back on, give it a good shake, mix it all together and then we have our anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, a little bit of anti acne, antibacterial mix.

That’s what I love about this, you can mix and match to what your skin needs and I do all of these type of mixing all the time.

You can apply this over your other skin care products which is what I do a lot at night. I’ll take my other serums and stuff first and then take some of my oils with my essential oils all mixed together in my little bottle.

I will apply them just directly to my skin at the very end of my nighttime routine.

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