Today I’m going to take you through a tutorial on how to apply makeup to an older face.

Anti Aging Makeup


Diffusing Lines With Foundation

Before you can start any makeup, you need to apply a base. As you get older you need to invest in foundations. There are sort of illuminating foundations or light reflecting foundations.

What happens is that when the light hits the foundation, it actually diffuses any fine lines that you see on the skin.

Start down the center of the face and then work your way out. The reason you work from the center and go out is that this is where, as we get older, we need most of the coverage.

This is where we have broken capillaries around the nose, this is where we tend to get more pigmentation down the bridge of the nose as well.

Concealing Imperfections

What you are going to use is something we call a pink based concealer. Apply it to the very inner corner of the eye area. This is where you want the concealer to start.

By applying your concealer at the inner corner of the eye, you’ll find that this will actually give the eyes a bit of a pop because the lightness in the inner corner will open up that whole eye area for you.

Blend all of this concealer under your eyes by using sort of a pressing technique. You are going to go in there using your ring finger and you are just going to diffuse the edges.

You will see how this eye opened up in comparison to the other eye. Blend it along the lid of the eye and then if you feel that you want a little bit more, you are going to apply just a little bit more down the center of your eye. Having something lighter down the center of the eye, makes the eyes open up and pop as well.

You are going to apply a little bit of concealer just around the nose where you may have a few broken capillaries. Apply a little bit of concealer just at the Cupid’s bow and this makes the lips stand out.

Most important thing is to always blend your concealer so that you don’t see where it starts and where it ends.

Adding Light Eyeshadow

Now what you’re going to do is you are going to apply a really nice soft beige eyeshadow, all the way right up to the eyebrows and even in that inner corner and just bringing it just under the very inner corner.

Filling in The Eyebrows With Eyeshadow

You’re going to fill in the eyebrows. Eyebrows frame the eyes so you will use a slanted brush. Dip it into a talc colored eyeshadow.

You’re just going to blend it all the way across the eybrows to fill in the gaps. If you make any mistakes you can just wipe it off with a cotton bud. Gently diffuse it because you don’t want any lines.

When you do have creepiness around the eye, you don’t want to load up the eye with lots of eye shadows. What you want to do is enhance the area around the eye.

The first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to apply a Kohl pencil, a really soft Kohl pencil, very close to the lash line.

Lining The Eyes

Stretch eye area so that you get a really smooth lin. Start at the very inner corner of the eye and very close to the lash line.

We want the eyes to smile so you’re going to at the outer corner, you’re going to wing up the Kohl pencil.

Again one of the very important rules of makeup application is you want to diffuse the line.

Always keep under the eye area clean as you get older and just focus on the top of the eyes and you’ll find that this is giving you almost like an instant eye lift.

Defining The Eyes With Color

You can add a little bit more of definition to the eyes. Dip your brush into lavender brown and apply it just along underneath the brow bone. Very gently, just like you are tapping it in there.

Thickening The Lashes

Try to remember that there are lots of little tiny lashes at the inner corners and the outer corners. Use the tip of your brush to get those little hard to reach out lashes. By loading up your brush with lots of mascara and going over 2 to 3 different applications, you’ll find that the lashes look longer and thicker.

Boosting The Lips

Some women tend to lose the fullness in their lips and the best tip I can give you is to use a lip pencil and start down the center of the lips, because this is where you want your lipstick color or your gloss to be the deepest shade. Go from the outer corners and bring the corners in to the center.

Glossing The Lips

Use just a very soft pink lip gloss over that lovely stain that you’ve created. All you need is just a little bit in the center and you just blend it out.

Finishing With Blush

Applying more powder on top of what you’ve already applied to your face can sometimes make your cheeks look a little bit dry.

So what you want to do is smile and look into the mirror and apply the cream blush to the apples of the cheeks and be very mindful not to apply it too low down on the apples of the cheeks because then that becomes an aging look.

Of course just remember that if you want to play with different colors, you can. You can use browns if you want, you can use blues and change the lipstick color. All you need to do is just keep the exact same steps and that’s how you will achieve this makeup.

Final result:

anti aging makeup tips

Fundamentals of Anti-Aging Makeup

I’m going to show you what not to do and what to do to create a more youthful looking face.

The key to a youthful face is really focusing on structuring the brows so that they really help to frame your face. Your brows can instantly give structure and also lift the look of your face.

What you don’t want to do is use too dark of a color or overfill your brows. That can start to make things look a little bit too unrealistic.

Use a product that contains brow fibers in it, so it’s going to cling to your brows all day creating a more voluminous full look to your brows. This will help create that really nice natural look.

To help create that big bold look for your eyes, instead of using your eye liner on the inner waterline of the eye, just use your eye liner on the lash line. So on your lower lashes you just want to follow your lower lash line and create a simple pretty thin line.

This will help keep your eyes looking open, bright and more youthful, whereas using the liner in your waterline can start to close the eye shape, making them look smaller.

When considering an anti-aging makeup routine I would suggest staying away from powder foundations. They can tend to give more a dry look. They can also settle into fine lines and wrinkles. So steer away from powders and head over to using more cream formulas. I love using cream formulas because they give a really nice dewy finish to the skin.

I’ve seen a lot of women use dark matte colors on their lips and they tend to bring out the dryness in your lips. These dark matte colors can start to look a little bit harsh and also age you.

So the goal is to brighten and lighten up the face and I do that with a cream sheer formula. So you can opt for berries, you can do a sheer pink. I would just steer away from any harsh matte colors.

If you use a sheer creamy formula with hydrating properties in it, like Shea butter or any types of essential oils in it, they’re going to really help to plump the lips up and help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

We all love to use some highlighter. It helps to brighten the face. It also helps to reflect light but I would steer away from using a powder highlighter just because it can settle into fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

I like to use a creamy formula which also helps to reflect light but it won’t settle in fine lines and wrinkles and you would apply it in the same areas just above the cheekbone. This will really help bring light to the face and just create that overall youthful glow.

I’ve seen so many people put blush in the wrong place and it can really drag your facial features down and give a very hollow look.

You don’t want to apply blush in the hollows of your cheeks. You actually want to apply it on the apples of the cheek, which is going to give a more youthful, uplifted look.

A way to easily find where you can put your blush is if you look in the mirror and smile. You really want to just place the blush on the apples of the cheeks.

How to Look Younger With Makeup

As women get older and start to see the signs of aging, it’s important to switch up your makeup routine to enhance your features. Sometimes less is more.

I’m going to show you how to get a vibrant fresh face look and really bring out a youthful glow.

Use Primer to Fill in Lines

As skin matures it becomes increasingly more important to use a primer. It fills in fine lines, minimizes pores and creates a canvas so that you can actually use less foundation.

With a brush or sponge, apply it all over the face. When choosing a foundation, it’s important to look for one that boosts hydration or offers anti-aging and skin firming properties.

Also very important is to look for one that has a warm, yellowish tone to it. That helps cancel out redness in the skin. So try and stay away from foundations that have pinkish tones.

Fill in Brows

Paying extra attention to your brows can really frame the face and give the overall illusion of a lift. So to choose the right color, go one shade lighter than your hair color or if you are a beautiful platinum blonde, you can use the fairest blonde color pencil that they have.

You are just going to take light feathery strokes along the brow to fill in some of the areas where it’s sparse.

Use Light Reflecting Concealer

Now it’s time for concealer. As skin matures and it gets thinner around the eyes and has more fine lines, it’s important to use a more amoliant product.

It’s not going to settle into those lines it’s going to deflect light and create the appearance of a more youthful glow. The gold standard is YSL Touche Eclat. They come in many different colors now and they have light reflecting properties that really make your eyes look brighter and appear fresher and more awake.

Apply Neutral-toned Eyeshadow

Next onto eye shadow. Look for colors in the neutral family, such as champagne, soft browns and bronzes and also pewters. With the soft dome brush, apply it all over your eyelid.

It’s better to stay away from eyeshadows with too much shimmer in them. A tiny bit of light diffusing particles can really be beautiful and open up the eye but when you get into too much glitter it can be too harsh and look severe.

After cream eyeshadow we’re going to talk about eyeliner.

Apply Brown Eyeliner

Ladies, fall in love with your brown eyeliner again! Sometimes black can come off just looking too harsh and severe. Brown can really be soft and beautiful. Brown is going to make eyes pop.

Line top of the eye and either with your finger or a brush, smudge it into the lash line just to add a soft definition. Use a waterproof formula that’s soft and easy to smudge but won’t go anywhere once it sets.

Curl Lashes, Apply Mascara

To finish off the eye, you’re going to curl the lashes and use a waterproof mascara formula.

Apply Bright Blush

We are talking about a youthful glow here so blush is really important. Stay away from neutrals and look for bright pinks or peaches. Use a big fluffy brush to apply on the apples of the cheeks and going upwards.

Set Makeup

Use a little bit of translucent setting powder to set the makeup and to take away shine just in the t-zone area.

Warm Up Face

After powder, use a bronzer to warm up the complexion and add dimension to the face. Take a fluffy brush and rub it into the hairline along the cheekbone and onto the jaw line.

To finish off the look, do not forget the lips.

Apply Lipstick

The natural pigment in your lip can tend to fadem so choosing a color that’s the same shade as your lip or a few shades darker is all you need.

With that, you are finished.

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anti aging makeup

How to Fake a Facelift With Makeup

I’m going to show you five easy ways to fake a facelift with makeup.

As we age, we start losing the definition between the jaw and the neck, so the first step you are going to do is put a little bit of shade foundation under the chin.

Start with a shade that is one shade darker than your skin tone. If you want more drama, than you can go two shades darker.

Take your brush and go right under the chin and blend out really good so you don’t see any kind of makeup line where you start and where you are ending.

Next, apply the same shade color that you applied under the chin right at the bottom of the earlobe and go right directly on your jawline. Do not go too far up, just right where the bone is. Blend a little bit down and a little bit up.

It actually is an instant facelift in about five minutes.

The third step is to highlight the top of the cheekbones. I like to use a cream highlighter as opposed to a powder highlighter.

You can choose either, but a cream highlighter tends to be more natural and it looks like it’s coming from within the skin. It creates a really nice dewy glow as well.

Just add it to the high of the cheekbones and tap it on with your fingers. Bring it a little bit up to the temples as well as right at the bottom of the forehead.

To add a little bit of color and definition, you need to definitely put some blush on the cheeks.

Add it first to the apples of the cheeks and this gives it a nice rosy effect and then just sweep it up the cheekbone into the hairline.

The fourth step is contouring the eyes and lifting the eyes. Add a light shimmer color to your eyelid. Carry it up to your brow bone and this is going to give a lifting effect to your eye.

Next add a taupe or a tan color to the transition area. The transition area is right above the crease. Your are not going right in your crease and you’re not going on the brow bone. You’re going right in between those two areas.

When you get to the end point, you want to make sure that you start lifting it up and out. Take a blending brush that has no pigment on it, and go right in the same area and you’re going to just go back and forth like a windshield wiper motion and is going to blend out the color and give it a diffused look.

The second part of lifting the eye is using faux eyelashes. When applying eyelashes, place them on the eye. Tuck them right into the lash line without any glue because you want to measure first.

Whatever is hanging off on the end is where you’re going to pinch it and this is the part where you’re going to cut it.

Add a little bit of glue on the lash band. Take your finger and just tuck it in from underneath and then grab the outer ends of the lashes and press firmly but gently to make sure they’re really stuck on there. It’s the same process you’re going to go up and under.

Another trick I like to do is curl the eyelashes. It really pops the eyes and opens them up.

To finish off the eyes, add an eyeliner for added definition.

Once the eyes are done, focus on the eyebrows.

Start out at the bottom inner corner and fill this area in. Usually this area gets a little bit patchy as we age and then hop right to the top of the brow and start filling this in to create more of an arch, instead of focusing on the bottom part. It’ll create more of a lift.

Another way to lift the eyebrows is to use a flesh colored pencil. Go right underneath your brow and draw a light line and then go right above and draw another light line. You can either blend out with your finger or take a concealer brush and blend it out.

This gives a beautiful lift to the eye and a gorgeous definition.

Add a pop of lip gloss to finish off the look.

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